The Benefits of using Organic and Vegan Makeup Products

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With each passing day, new cosmetic companies are emerging and providing us women with new and trendy makeup products. However, so many of these products are not good for your skin because they are not organic or natural products. US Beauty is all about providing customer with safe, vegan and organic makeup products because they hold a lot of benefits. Wondering what they are? Keep on reading to find that out:

Safe Planet

The chemicals present in the beauty products not only harm our skin but the environment we live in as well. The toxic chemicals are released in our surrounding air and water during their production which intoxicates our home. On the other hand, natural products don’t pose any such threat to our beloved environment. 

No Irritation

Many of the un-natural beauty products cause reactions such as redness, irritation, and breakouts due to the chemicals, fillers and artificial colors used in their production. On the contrary, natural products use harmless ingredients which never cause such reactions and keep the skin protected and glowing. For instance, our Velvet Veil Foundation can provide you silky-baby-soft skin with its fruit-based and vegan-friendly formula.


No Artificial Fragrances

Conventional beauty products use artificial fragrances to dominate the smell of toxic chemicals. These fragrances are also chemicals. As a result of the use of so many chemicals on the skin, it loses its natural glow and softness. The use of natural products can save you from the exposure to too many chemicals as it uses aromatherapy with the help of natural essential oils and essences. For example, our

No Side-effects

Parabens are used as preservatives in the beauty products to increase their shelf life. These parabens are known to disturb the hormonal as well as alter the functionality of the endocrine system. So, be on the safe side by using natural products which use natural preservatives, such as the grapefruit seed extract, which are harmless and cause no side-effects. For instance, you can get US Beauty’s Advanced Longwear Concealer at this link, which provides a long-lasting matte finish which will not creep or fade.


Keeping these great benefits in mind will make the transition to natural beauty products easier. Our range of all-natural, organic and vegan-friendly products are paraben free and FDA approved. You can acquire an amazing statement-making make-over each time you decide to step out. You can choose your favorite natural and vegan products from our range by visiting our website.


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