Quick Everyday Makeup Routine for Summer

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Everyone loves summer but when it comes to makeup – not so much. That is because summers bring melted makeup, sticky lipstick, smeared eyeliner and what not. However, you need to step out of the house for work each morning and need to look pretty and presentable. So, we decided to bring all you wonderful girls an everyday makeup routine that would keep you looking fresh and pretty even with the weather working against you.

STEP 1: To begin, apply a primer to lay the first coat for your foundation which will help to cover the fine lines and pores.

STEP 2: Apply the foundation. We have two options for you from our favorite makeup brand US Beauty which is a 100% FDA approved brand with Fruit based and vegan-friendly products. You could either use WET/DRY POWDER FOUNDATION that is a silky foundation for light to medium coverage. Or you can keep things extra simple with our VELVET VEIL FOUNDATION PREMIER as it gives skin silky, baby-soft feel that is wonderful to the touch.


STEP 3: Next step is to apply concealer where needed. Use our ADVANCED LONG WEAR CONCEALER that delivers long-lasting with a matte finish.


STEP 4: Apply cream blush to the apple of your cheeks. Cream blush works best for the summers.

STEP 5: Powder illuminator. Use our warm and bright ILLUMINATING SHIMMER POWDER that will highlight and brighten your skin and helps to set the liquid makeup products.




STEP 6: Eyes and Brows. First use our BRUSH-A-BROW to add a soft, natural color to your eyebrows with comes with a brush applicator.



Then apply our CUSTOM MAGNETIC EYE COLOR COLLECTION to create a simple and easy eye look.

STEP 7: Mascara. Apply our LASH BUILDER MASCARA to get longer, fuller lashes with increased volume and curl.

STEP 8: Lip-gloss or lipstick. You will find US Beauty’s LONG LASTING MATTE LIPSTICK great for moisturizing your lips. These lipsticks offer lip protection with brilliant color.


Once you get all the key products needed for a great summer look, you will be all set to do your make-up quickly each summer morning with our great steps. To get more information about the US beauty products, log on to our website. You can choose your favorite products at amazing prices. Moreover, all the products are fruit based and vegan-friendly which makes them ideal for summers.

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